The ‘Gut Master Pro’ is based around an industrial vacuum cleaner manufactured by Numatic. It is modified internally for the application of removing internal organs and is rated for continuous operation. The filters within this unit are specifically designed for this application and are not available as standard.

Unit is equipped with smooth bore pipes with stainless steel reduction nozzles and tools. These tools are custom made in stainless steel and manufactured in such a way that gives an on/off control of gut removing.

Unit is mounted on wheels for ease of transportation and emptying of collection vessel.

We reserve the right to alter specification of the base unit according to what is available from Numatic International.


• Flexible, smooth bore suction pipe, 3 metres in length.

• 4 suction nozzles- 36mm, 30mm, 19mm, 14mm diameter. Crafted in stainless steel complete with hose mounting boss.

• Suction created by 2 electric motors, 2500 watt, 240 volt.


For game processing the method of operation is as follows:

1. Create vent in bird manually.

2. Insert suction piece through vent with suction off. This is done with one hand movement on suction piece.

3. Once in, move hand to suction position and with other hand rotate bird around suction piece.

4. Withdraw bird from suction piece.

With processing of game birds, all innards/fat and organs are removed except for lungs. For chickens/turkeys/ducks, gizzards would have to be ‘drawn’ whole or sucked out manually. For lung removal we would advise the use of the small suction piece supplied.

Cleaning of this unit is simple and quick. This would be achieved by placing the suction piece in to hot soapy water and drawing solution up the pipes into a collection tank. Emptying of the collection tank is easy. The tank can either be wheeled to an emptying point or the tank can be removed off the main frame and emptied else where. The tank is fitted with a 100 mm sluice vent for emptying. This can be fitted with a 1 metre flexipipe to aid emptying. For operator comfort we would suggest the suction unit be housed away from the area of work. This is easily done by bringing the suction pipe through a wall thus creating a less cluttered work space.

‘GUTMASTER PRO’ at work: 

As with any piece of equipment whether it be a plucking machine or other- The speed of the operation is determined by practice and also the operators technique. In this video we are demonstrating the ability of this unit. 


Nozzle sizes

Selection of suction nozzles


 Price information

‘GUTMASTER PRO’ with standard tools:

£1485.00 + VAT

Optional extra:

Table mounted swan neck pipe in stainless steel complete with foot operated on/off facility

£450.00 + VAT

Prices quoted are excluding VAT & carriage.

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