Subject to availability, we offer fully reconditioned Comb & Bingham Dry Plucking Machines & brand new Bayle, Bingham & Senesi Machines. Whether you are an individual wanting to pluck small numbers of Game & Poultry or a large scale Game or Turkey Processor we have machines to fit your requirements.

All Dry Plucking Machines work on the revolving Disc principal and no water is used in the plucking process. This means that whatever is being plucked, be it Game, Turkeys, Geese, Ducks or Chickens, there is no tearing, scalding or bruising taking place. The process leaves the bird in prime condition whilst retaining the natural bloom – qualities we believe that attract top prices.

Performance of the plucking speed varies greatly between machines and also technique used. Essentially money buys speed of plucking.

All reconditioned machines are totally stripped down and all metal housing and framework sandblasted and re-sprayed with two coats of original colour. They are then re-assembled with new parts fitted such as bearings, belts and electrical switchgear with overload protection and no volt release function.

Plucking Heads are re-sprung, dressed and totally refitted with replaceable parts.

Electric motors are dismantled, cleaned, re-lubricated and replaced or rewound where necessary.

We aim to provide a machine that resembles a new machine both visually and mechanically.

Reconditioned machines are sold with a full twelve month warranty. Brand new machines are pre-delivery inspected and re-worked to maximise efficiency and reliability. Bayle and Bingham machines are sold with twelve months warranty and Senesi machines have twenty four months warranty.